About SAU Consulting & Business Advisors

We have years of valuable experience assisting businesses with their business needs
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Consulting & Business Advisory Services

It’s about our dedication to delivering service to every single client, without exception.

Providing the right direction for you, we are including well organized Tax consultants specialist in Canada, in order to help your business thrive.

We understand every issue affecting you, and we can guarantee a solution.
In other words, we are serving you a guaranteed success.

We can offer you help in getting organized, plan for profit, and make financial management decisions.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to commit to exceeding expectations on every occasion, whether you are a multinational or a local business.

Dedicated to help every client maintain financial viability in the present, and of course, to achieve future goals.

Speaking of high standards of excellence and professionalism, we are open to communication to reach an understanding of our clients’ needs.

SAU Consulting & Business Advisory Services can provide you with small business tax advisor Canada that will help you run your businesses.

SR&ED Experts

Why choose SAU Consulting & Business Advisory Services?

SAU Consulting & Business Advisory services is a group of downtown Calgary based professional accountants providing personalized services and guidance to small and medium sized businesses. Devoted to provide best value to our clients we assist small and medium sized businesses in a Varity of ways.
Following are few of the many reasons why we are the first choice for our clients:

Not just accountants, we are our client’s strategic partners

Our creativity & innovation, analytical & problem-solving skills ensures clients success

Working on pre-agreed Fixed Fee basis and No Hourly billing

Basis of our fee are discussed in advance so you always know what you will be paying

Highly skilled and dedicated team to serve our clients

Better service, better quality providing a best value